Open for Inspection Checklist

Part of the process of selling your home is to make it look its best for an open home. An open home can be very nerve-racking, so before any potential buyer comes into your home, make sure you do the following so that your house looks its best.

  • If the views are good open all curtains and blinds
  • Turn on all lamps
  • Make all the beds
  • Empty all the rubbish bins
  • If you have a good sound system, play relaxing music
  • Pick up and put away things that should be out of sight
  • Shake out the front welcome mat, sweep away any dust, debris, spider webs from entry
  • Add fresh flowers to any room in the house and fruit to your kitchen
  • Wipe the sinks after doing dishes or washing your hands
  • Clean the stove top and benches
  • Sweep and vacuum the floors
  • Mop the floors
  • Clean toilet seat, rim, bowl and lid. Leave toilet lid down
  • Wipe off mirrors and faucets
  • Squeegee shower doors
  • Spray entire shower with shower cleaner after every use