Sell with Confidence
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Tips for Selling your home

Create Street Appeal

    Give the exterior of your home a wash. Professionals can be hired to do this. If you prefer a DIY approach, use a soft wash technique rather than a water blasting. This isn’t expensive and can really give a lift to your paint work. Remember not to forget your fence, deck, gates and paths.

Maximise Available Sunlight

    Make the most of it. Tree pruning may provide a real bonus if it allows more light into your home.

Keep The Lawns Neat and Tidy

    Keeping the lawn mown regularly is a simple way to add to the presentation of your home. Give them a trim weekly ensuring the edges are also included.

Get Rid of Garden Rubbish

    Garden rubbish is unsightly and detracts the appeal away from your garden, but it’s easy for each of us not to see it because we are used to it being there. So if you have a pile of stuff, get rid of it. Another tip is to keep rubbish bins stored out of sight.


    Pets should be kept well out of the way during open homes. You may cherish your pet but some people may not share the love that you have for them.

Have a Spring Clean

      Houses should be thoroughly cleaned and de-cluttered. Anything that detracts from a potential sale needs to be thrown out or stored off site. Sounds obvious but a spring clean can make all the difference. Carpet cleaning can help make a home look and even smell much more inviting, particularly if you have pets.